Friday, 13 January 2017

Shaker Embellishments with Dress My Craft Sequins..

Hello everyone...

A very good afternoon.. I hope you all are doing great!!
I am sure you are loving DRESS MY CRAFT products...I am seeing a lot of people making flowers with floral oriental and floral exotica and you all are doing amazing job...

So you must be loving the papers...Isn't it?
& DMC has came up with bigger jars for Sparkling dust/Sugar powder. so grab it...

You must be aware of the newly launch Sequins by Dress my Craft...and actually I can say "A series of Sequins" ..this is the first post on it and I will be giving my reviews over these products so I am pretty excited about it...

To be very true...why we are saying it a series of sequins!!
because you will be amazed to see the color themes...No??

Yess!! You know there is so much to choose from and these cuties are so adorable that you can't resist buying it..
And I must tell, that you would love the packaging.. these sequins comes in beautiful jars which are you got a better reason to buy it! LOL...

But yess...sequins are something you can actually use anywhere will anyways enhance your projects...It is perfect for Scrapbooking, making shaker cards, Shaker tags, mixed media background, making bracelets, and infact your home decor projects...

So, It's time to get all glitzy...and let's see what all I have created with these gorgeous cuties..Following this there is a video tutorial which also includes the detail overview of all the color themes that are launched by DMC. So just scroll down...

Isn't that tempting?
Well...let me present you the video..The first part of video, I have given a detailed overview of products..and then there is tutorial for few of the embellishments..there are two techniques I have used to make these shaker embellishments so watch out the video ...

There are 11 color themes in series of Sequins which is available at Crafters Corner...and I am going to mention it below,

Little Hearts Sequins: These are clay heart sequins and these are adorable...Best when you wants to give loving look to your project..Valentines is not so far...Could there be anything better to make a shaker card with these lovely sequins??

Angel Mix Sequins: These are having shades of purple..It incorporate different size of sequins with a very sparkly best for your mixed media backgrounds.

Sea Breeze Sequins: They are beautiful blue sequins..perfect to go with Baby boy theme..

Pink Pastel Sequins: These are pretty pink with the zest of different shades of pink and white, perfect for baby girl theme

Princess mix sequins: These are completely in baby pink color. Perfect for baby girl shaker cards and Shabby chic theme.

Blossom with Green: A series of very high quality sequins, this is in sea green shade.

Say it with Hearts Sequins:  This is a complete package in has clay hearts, micro beads and different shapes of sequins so you don't need to mix it with anything for filling up your shakers.

Sunshine Yellow Sequins:  These are beautiful yellow sequins. You can mix it with Crystal blue or sea breeze Sequins to jazz up your project.

Play with Green:  It is in green shade, perfect for filling your shakers and tags.

Crystal Clear: These are crystal clear sequins and you can use it for making mixed media can also be mixed with glitter to fill up your shaker cards and tags. The must have!!

Crystal Blue:  It has shades of blue and white.

I hope you like it...and I must say these are a must have in your craft room.
If you like it, go grab it, and please do share your reviews and comments. As this was my first try with shaker elements and DMC sequins so I would love to hear from you all..

Take care

Friday, 6 January 2017

Playing with PLAID in 2017 !

Good morning!
Rupa here with my first post for the year! Firstly, wishing you all a very Happy 2017 and I hope you all dream big and your dreams come true.
As for me, I had a dream too and am glad I could fulfill it too and am going to be sharing it with you. They say necessity is the mother of invention and my need was to get a set of side tables for my guest bedroom. But instead of buying ready ones, I decided to make them by upcycling some discarded treasures! Stay till the end to know what it is!
 I have used Folk art chalky finish paints and this lovely scrapping tool too from Plaid.
Here is how I started…once again LONG POST ALERT! Sit back and enjoy with a cuppa…
Step 1- I got a pair of round base for the table and first gave it a coat of Folk art “castle” chalky finish paints.
 These paints are thick and the main advantage of using them is that THERE IS NO NEED TO PRIME THE SURFACE! You can give a coat or two max as the coverage is really good in these paints.
After drying I sanded it lightly and applied candle wax around the edges where I wanted to distress it. Then came the top coat of “lilac”.
Step 2- Once the top coat was dry, I took out this handy tool and my buddy for the project, the scrapper from Plaid. It is so easy now to distress wood or any surface now. Where wax has been applied, you just need to lightly scrap with this tool and voila!
 The base color emerges revealing a beautifully distressed wood. Here you can see the grey peeking out from the lilac on the edges.
Step3- Have you seen or done 2 layer distressing? Well I wanted to try it here..just as if one layer of distressing was not enough, lol! Out came the next coat of color on top of the lilac. I painted just plain milky white as the top most coat and before that again applied wax in a few places.
 The white was also a mild sweep with the bristles and not a loaded paint. I wanted a dry brushed effect with distressing too. Once this was dry, the scrapper did the rest of the job!
Look at the 2 colors, lilac and grey distressed on the table top now. The scrapper if lightly handled, just scraps the color so easily.
 If you give too much pressure, you could end up peeling the entire layer of paint and the wood will be seen instead!
Step4- My base was ready. I did not want the plain wood look, instead wanted the palette wood kind of look…so I went about creating a faux effect for the same.
TIP- For this, it is very important to have a totally dry brush and also a wide, flat bristle brush.
I wanted a darker tone of grey, so added a bit of black gesso to “castle” and gave dry streaks all over the table. 
Next I followed the same with some brown paint, but this time, not all over bit just randomly and finally dry streaks with white paint. Phew, it’s still not over!

I then went back to dark grey paint and this time with a thin round brush, drew lines on the table to create the faux “palettes”! 
Once again with the flat brush, I also loaded the tip with paint and gave a round twist to create faux “wood knots” too ! Have a look at this (faux) palette table now!
Step 5- Next was some cosmetic touches to the table. I went about decoupaging some lavender colored flowers with modge podge. 
I had them in random places and when dry, I took out a few 12x12 stencils from my stash and with the left over paints of dark grey and lilac, created some 2 tone stenciling effect. 
I used a huge damask stencil, but in parts and it looks like flourishes! After this I did some French scrip stenciling with black paint and yes, my table was taking shape.
Step6- I gave a mild sanding and final round of scraping too and it was all set to get waxed and varnished! 
I gave a coat of white wax and waited overnight for it to dry and then buffed it with some soft cloth. Next I gave 3 coats of Folk art satin varnish. I sanded in between coats and now it feels so smooth and absolutely feminine, lol! Soory, forgot to take pic here, I know you must be thanking me now, lol!
Now this table top was ready to be fixed to its base…any guesses on what the base is going to be????
I cleaned the base with water and soap, let it dry and then spray painted it with silver paint. ANY GUESSES YET????
No…here it is…
Yes I had a great friend who magnanimously departed with 4 tyres as she was relocating out of Bangalore! I was more than excited to have these and took them without even hesitating. These were in my studio for more than 4 months and just saw the daylight!
Well if you are wondering what happened to other 2,,, here they are…
I made a masculine version for the side table too! Pretty much similar distressing techniques and colors except for lilac, lol!
On the table top, I stenciled this French café label and then creted a border with checkered pattern stencil
Here is the full revel of the “man table”…
Here are the 2 together…just outside my studio, before reaching the guest room!
 I wanted 2 different yet similar ones in the guest room as I dint want anyone staying here disappointed!
Here are some captures of the duo in the purple highlighted guest room.
I know I am testing your patience, but I had to give you the final look of the project in its final destination. 
It was always my dream to create home décor and utility items and with FOLK ART CHALKY PAINTS and THE SCRAPPER , it is just so easy to create lovely distressed pieces of furniture, which is the “in thing” in interiors right now!
With this, we come to end and I really would like to Thank you for staying with me till the end. I am sure my guests will be super happy and I do have them coming over this weekend. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say and needless to say, I hope they do realize that I had them in mind while creating these.
I am equally eager to hear what you have to say and never ever hesitate to give your furniture’s a makeover now!
Do get back to me if you have any queries on wood distressing and I hope to see some colors on your furniture now!
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.
 Folk art chalky finish paints- Castle and Lilac

Scraper tool

Folk art white wax

Folk art satin varnish

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sparkling Festive Projects

Sparkling Snowman
          Hi friends,Dr Sonia here sharing my first blogpost for 2017  showcasing "Sparkling Dust" from Shalini's own in house brand "Dress my Craft"
The first project is a super cute sparkling snowman made by my 10yr old!
       My daughter made the  snowman using thermocol balls, pipe stem cleaners and air drying clay . She drew on a mouth using sharpies and used black bindis for the "buttons"
Sparkling Dust
     We sprayed E6000 adhesive spray over the snowman and sprinkled the super sparkling , shimmering white "Sparkling dust"...oooh it was amazing to see the transformation!!! I had thought sparkling dust was like any other glitter but  it is so pristine white in color and literally sparkles!!  ♥♥♥      
Sparkling Snowman
 My next project is a purely recycling craft made with the humblest of materials...a magazine!

I tweaked a tutorial by Innova Crafts to fold my magazine into a tree.There are so many tutorials to fold a book but this one is pretty straightforward and you can easily get beautiful results!

Take 2 pages of your magazine and fold the top and bottom corners as shown above.Keep folding every 2 pages of your magazine until you have folded all the pages.

 Once you have folded all the pages of your magazine, take out your glue gun and apply a generous line of glue along the central part of your magazine. Take a folded page and roll it inwards and stick it .

In this step take care you follow a roll and stick motion  and not a folding motion.Do the same for all your pages and your tree will take shape!

Paint your tree and Spray E6000 adhesive over it  . Sprinkle Sparkling dust over your project and leave to dry.
Paper Christmas Tree
You can also use any kind of clear drying adhesive but spray adhesive is the best choice as it can give a nice even thin coat of adhesive on a large surface and is perfect to add glitters. The Sparkling Dust transformed the tree so beautifully !

 Even if you give just a light sprinkling of the "Sparkling dust" your project will sparkle beautifully!♥♥♥

I hope you liked these simple projects showcasing the gorgeous "Sparkling Dust" !

Here are links of the products used which are available at Crafters Corner

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sugary-Sparkling Card

Hello friends,

This is my first post of this new year and I wish may everyday of this year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family...Have a very Crafty year ahead!!

This post is all about Sparkling dust and Frosted Sugar powder which are newly launched product by Dress my Craft under Crafters Corner...Along with these two paper packs are also launched by Dress my Craft for flower making..
1.Floral Exotica Collection
2.Floral Oriental Collection

So gals! What comes to your mind when you think about using Sparkling dust and Sugar powder..
I am sure the most common thing that comes to our mind is to use it with Flowers to give it a nice frosty effect...and you all are aware of this. Also you must  have seen Anita Kejriwal's post with Floral Exotica/Oriental Collection and how they behave with embossing, stamping and Flower making, Shalini Jaiswal Mam's live video for how to make flowers and enhance them by using Sparkling dust and Frosted Sugar Powder, and Shalini Di- Navjot Gujral Di's live video using these powders with cute lil miniatures.

So, today I am going to do little more experiment with the Sparkling dust and Sugar Powder which I am listing down
  • Using it with Flowers
  • How to color the Sugar powder /Dust and choosing correct ink (Use Colored Sugar Powder to enhance the flower or to fill in the glass bottle with cork head )
  • Making your own 3D glittered sentiments
  • Using it with Stamps(Don't get confused with embossing as these powders are not for heat embossing)
  • Making glittered frames 
So first let's have a look of the end project,

 I will be presenting a video tutorial but before that let's get into little detail of how I have done it and important tips and techniques to note down..Along with every point I will be putting up the picture.

Using it with Flowers: You all must be aware of this process as it is very common. Just make sure you use transparent glue to stick the sparkling dust/Sugar Powder. You can use multi matte gel, Crackle Paint or Glossy accent. My favourite is glossy accent so I will be using the same in this project.

How to color the Sugar powder /Dust and choosing correct ink: It is very important to choose correct ink to color the sparking dust or Sugar powder. If you use distress ink to color the powder/dust then you may get it colored but you will find moisture in it...and the original powder/dust effect will not intact. So, Always use Alcohol ink for coloring it as it gets evaporated fast and will not leave lumpy effect and moisture in the dust/Powder. You can put these colored powder in glass bottles with cork head, this really is going to enhance you project. I have done the same in my project by filling up the glass bottle with red and green powder.

Making your own 3D glittered sentiments: This process is very simple and quite interesting. So you can use this technique when you need to put sentiments in your cards, mixed media projects and don't have stamps for the same then this is really going to be a fun..Watch out the video for the same.

Using it with Stamps(Don't get confused with embossing as these powders are not for heat embossing): Yes this powder is not for embossing but still you can manage to use it with stamps provided that you use some big design stamp for it. The detailed process is in the video tutorial..

Making glittered frames: Well it's really going to give a glittery effect on your project. All you need is Frames die and transparent glue.

Here is the video tutorial,



I hope you all enjoyed watching it and please share your reviews, I would love to hear from you.

Happy new year once again!!